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Foresight is a quarterly publication of the nonprofit International Institute of Forecasters. The premier journal for working forecasters and planners, it synthesizes up-to-the-minute research with the insight and expertise of highly respected practitioners.

Foresight delivers peer-reviewed and edited articles, tutorials, and case studies that provide unmatched professional development for forecasters.

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Foresight Hall of Fame

Recognizes the best papers published in Foresight. Our initial inductions cover the first 13 years of the journal (2005-2017). The 2021 recipients are:

Why Should I Trust Your Forecasts? (2012, Issue 27) M. Sinan Gönül, Dilek Önkal and Paul Goodwin

Choosing Levels of Aggregation for Supply Chain Forecasts (2010, Issue 18) John Boylan

Forecast Quality (series of five articles, 2013-2015) Steve Morlidge

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Forecasting at Scale: Lessons from the Target Corporation
Our latest guidebook explores the demands of forecasting for large, complex organizations. It reveals how one organization—the Target Corporation—rose to the challenge by providing nearly one billion forecasts per week to a multifunctional group of users and decision makers. Order yours now

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