Forecasting plays an important role in informing decisions that impact the wellbeing of people and the planet. Despite a tremendous amount of research that has been conducted in the area of forecasting, very little has been contributed on forecasting for social good (Rostami-Tabar et al., 2021). The Forecasting for Social Good (FSG) research grant aims to draw together researchers and practitioners, from developing and developed countries, to advance forecasting knowledge and its link to decision making, influence forecasting for social good practices and drive developments.

This research grant is being organized and sponsored by Dr. Bahman Rostami-Tabar, Technology Futures, Inc. and the IIF.

Research Grant

The grant can be used for:
• Research capability building in developing countries.
• Collaborative research activity on forecasting for social good leading to publications in top journals such as International Journal of Forecasting.
• Promote the use of forecasting for social good in practice.

Amount of grant: US$ 5,000

Lead applicant must be a researcher based on a low or lower-middle income country located in one of the following regions:
• Sub-Saharan Africa
• Latin America & Caribbean
• South Asia
• Middle East & North Africa

Countries by Income and and by Region


Important dates
Application submission deadline: February 29, 2024
FSGRG panel meeting: March 2024
Indicative start date of award: April 2024

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For any queries, please contact Dr. Rostami-Tabar and Dr. Shixuan Wang