Foresight welcomes submissions from business-forecasting practitioners, managers, and researchers. Prospective authors and reviewers, please address questions and submissions to Michael Gilliland, Editor-in-Chief.

The journal adheres to the highest standards of objectivity. Where an article describes the use of commercially available software or a licensed procedure, Foresight requires disclosure of any interest in the product, financial or otherwise. Moreover, we discourage submission of articles whose principal purpose is to promote a commercial product or service.

Author Guidelines
Upon initial manuscript approval, authors will be required to participate in a peer-review process.

Peer-Review Process

Author responsibilities:

  • Provide unique research that you have significantly contributed to; Foresight does not publish research appearing in other journals.
  • Provide retractions or corrections of mistakes.
  • Provide a list of references and financial support.

Editor responsibilities:

  • Provide objective advice on individual manuscripts from forecasting experts in the field.
  • Edit for clarity, format, and style.
  • Point out relevant published work that is not yet cited.
  • Review articles confidentially.
  • Be free of any conflicts of interest.

Please refer to our Style Guide for Prospective Authors (pdf) before submitting an article.