ATTENTION Teachers of Forecasting! The IIF is offering prizes to top-performing students in undergraduate and graduate level forecasting courses. Star students will receive US$100, a Certificate of Achievement from the IIF, and one year’s free membership of the Institute.

To qualify for the award, the course must (a) be taught by an IIF member at a recognised and reputable university, (b) have a substantial forecasting content, and (c) be a substantial course with at least 20 hours contact time. See below for complete guidelines. To participate, contact [email protected]

Award Recipients

Forecasting for Economics and Business
Noah Kaplan, 2018
Matthew Bova, 2015
Alexandre Carlton, 2014


Advanced Econometrics Modelling and Forecasting
Henriette Druba, 2016
Andrew Martinez, 2014

Seminar in Economic Forecasting
Gustavo Rojas Matute, 2018

Energy Analytics
Shreyashi Shukla, 2018
Matthew Withrow, 2017
Yang Sun, 2016
Xiazhi Fang, 2015
Jingrui Xie, 2014

Advanced Time Series
Capucine Nobletz, 2018
M. Florian Morvillier, 2016
Benjamin Ergon, 2015
Juliana Millovich, 2014

Business Forecasting
Kassandra Kler 2019
Jack Francis Cameron  2018
Kai Lim Fu 2017
Yuejun Zhao 2016
Frances Kim 2015

Applied forecasting for business and economics
Elizaveta Koshenko 2019
Yangzhuoran Yang, 2018
Dean Mor Dagan 2017
Jack Davies 2016
Mitchell O’Hara-Wild 2014

Operations Analytics
Yining Jiang, 2019
Lina Wang, 2018
Shupeng Huang, 2016
Junxiong Gao, 2015

Forecasting Techniques
Andreas Christou, 2018
Kalliopi – Anastasia Kourti, 2016
Dimitrellos Panagiotis, 2015

Service Operations Management
Xin Pan, 2018

Applied Times Series Analysis for Forecasting
Sebastian Calderon, 2018
Sheng Ming, 2017
Mingbo Gong, 2016

Business Forecasting
Peter Simon, 2016

Multivariate Analysis
Antonio Lo Fiego, 2019
Qing Fan, 2017

Business Forecasting (undergrad)
Rachel Hall, 2018

Business Statistics and Forecasting (MSc)
Ning Tang, 2018
Yves Philippe Mauron, 2017
Baihua Chen, 2016

Business Forecasting (MSC 381)
Matthew Miles 2016

Forecasting for Economics and Business
Alexander Enriquez 2019
Huhao Zhu 2018
Khaled Zalloum 2017
Yuka Ko 2015

Power System Forecasting
Zhigang Liu 2018
Dahua Gan 2017

Empirical Economic Modeling and Forecasting
Andrea Cañas 2018

Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Models
William Peersen Rossetto Portela 2018

Advanced Forecasting
Zhiyao Zhang 2018


  1. The instructor of the course must be an active IIF member when submitting the application and during the award period.
  2. The course should be primarily about forecasting, with at least 20 contact hours of instruction. The course should meet at least one of the two conditions: a) have “forecasting” or “prediction” in the course title; and b) have “analytics” or “data science” in the course title include at least 80% of the course content on forecasting.
  3. The subject is taught at a recognised and reputable university.
  4. When a university requests an award for one of their subjects, the decision on whether to grant the award is to be made by a designated member of the IIF board.
  5. Approval of a subject for an IIF award is reviewed every five years.
  6. The award is to consist of $100 cash prize plus a one year IIF membership for the selected student.
  7. The teacher who is the IIF member is to advise the IIF of the winning student in each year.
  8. The IIF reserves the right to cancel the program at any time.