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Welcome to the Section on Water, Energy, and Environment Forecasting (SWEET), a vibrant community that brings together researchers and practitioners from around the world. At SWEET, we are dedicated to collaborative efforts addressing a diverse array of forecasting challenges related to water, energy, and the environment.

Join us in Shaping the Future

Whether you are an experienced researcher or a newcomer to the field, SWEET invites you to join us in shaping the future of forecasting for water, energy, and the environment.

Explore the opportunities, connect with fellow forecasters, and be part of a community dedicated to making a positive impact on our planet.

Becoming a member of SWEET is open to researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts committed to advancing the science and practice of forecasting in the crucial domains of water resources, energy systems, and environmental sustainability.


  • Foster research and development in the field of forecasting methods specific to water, energy, and environmental domains
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers, practitioners, and professionals in the field of forecasting related to water, energy, and environmental domains
  • Promote the exchange of ideas, methods, and best practices in forecasting related to water, energy, and the environment through workshops, webinars, and collaborative projects
  • Establish and strengthen a global network of forecasters, researchers, and organizations committed to addressing the forecasting challenges in water, energy, and the environment


The SWEET board members are elected for two years. The last election was held in 2023. The current board is:

Chair: Dr. Richard Povinelli, Marquette University
1st Vice Chair: Dr. Jooyoung Jeon, KAIST University
2nd Vice Chair: Dr. Arnie de Castro, SAS USA
Secretary: Dr. Paula Maçaira, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

The election for Secretary will be held in Spring 2025, after which the current Chair will retire, the 1st Vice Chair will become Chair, the 2nd Vice-chair will become 1st Vice Chair, and the current Secretary will become 2nd Vice Chair.

Current Events

ISF 2024 | Dijon, France | June 30 – July 3
The premier forecasting conference is accepting abstract submissions on water, energy and environment themes. If you are submitting an abstract as part of the SWEET section, select Regular Submission (under Submission Track) and then select SWEET under IIF section.

March 22: Abstract submission deadline
April 2: Notification of abstract acceptance/rejection

Past Events

Click here for a full list of presentations given during the ISF conferences referenced above.