About us
The IIF United Kingdom Chapter is a network of academics and practitioners with an interest in forecasting. The chapter organises a series of quarterly meetings and other events held across the UK  called Quarterly Forecasting Forum. They provide a venue for sharing, disseminating, and developing forecasting research and practice among forecasters.

Getting involved
We invite IIF members based in the UK to join our mailing list and LinkedIn group to receive updates on future activities, and to attend the Quarterly Forecasting Forums (QFF).

Future events
For the academic year 2023-2024, we have planned the following events:

  • QFF: December 1, 2023 at Lancaster University
  • QFF: February 9, 2024 at University of Oxford
  • QFF: April 26, 2024 at Imperial College London
  • ISF 2024, Dijon France

UK Chapter Committee
The Chapter committee members are elected for two years, every even year. The last election was held in 2022 and we had an emergency election in 2023 due to riterement of one of our members. The current committee includes:

Ivan Svetunkov, Chair (Lancaster University)
Thanos Goltsos, Secretary (Cardiff University)
Siddharth Arora, Secretary (University of Oxford)

The elections for the new Secretary will be held in Spring 2024, after which the current Chair will retire, the Vice-chair will become Chair and the current Secretary will become Vice-chair.

UK Chapter Past Committee Members
We are grateful for the contribution of the past Chapter committee members in establishing the group. The Chapter would not exist if it was not for you. Past members:
Devon Barrow (2019-2022)
Jethro Browell (2019 – 2023)

Past Events
Event Location Date Host
17th QFF Meeting ISF 2023, Charlottesville USA June 2023 UK Committee
16th QFF Meeting Energy Systems Catapult, Birmingham May 2023 Dr. Stephen Haben
15th QFF Meeting University of the Arts London Feb 2023 Dr. Emmanual Silva
14th QFF Meeting Durham University Nov 2022 Prof. Kostas Nikolopoulos
13th QFF Meeting Cardiff University May 2022 Dr. Thanos Goltsos
12th QFF Meeting Tesco Feb 2022 Dr. Trevor Sidery
11th QFF Meeting University of Glasgow Dec 2021 Dr. Jethro Browell
10th QFF Meeting Online, Zoom May 2021 UK Committee
9th QFF Meeting Online, Zoom June 2020 UK Committee
8th QFF Meeting Manchester University Mar 2020 Dr. Florian Dost
7th QFF Meeting University College London Oct 2019 Dr. Shari De Baets
6th UK Chapter Meet-up ISF 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece June 2019 UK Committee
5th QFF Meeting University of Birmingham Dec 2018 Dr. Devon Barrow
4th QFF Meeting Strathclyde University Sept 2018 Dr. Bruce Stephen
3rd QFF Meeting Lancaster University Mar 2018 Dr. Ivan Svetunkov
2nd QFF Meeting University of Coventry Dec 2017 Dr. Devon Barrow
1st QFF Meeting University of Bath Mar 2017 Dr. Fotios Petropoulous