The International Institute of Forecasters offers a wide range of memberships, including multi-year, group, student and low-income country rates. Membership offers the following benefits:

  • International Journal of Forecasting is published four times a year and contains papers on forecasting methods, applications, implementation, and evaluation, as well as numerous other forecasting disciplines. With an outstanding editorial board of over 40 internationally known forecasting experts, the IJF is a highly readable, widely used (by both practitioners and academics), and often cited research journal. Both print and online access to the journal are included.
  • FORESIGHT: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting is published quarterly by the IIF, is written for¬†business forecasters, analysts, and managers, as well as students, teachers, and consultants in the field. Foresight offers non-technical discussions about forecasting issues; the practical implications of forecasting research; and forecasting tools, including software and books. Both print and digital access to individual articles including all archived articles, and discounts on all Foresight Guidebooks are included.
  • International¬†Symposium on Forecasting offers registration discounts. The IIF has held this outstanding annual symposium in cities around the world beginning with Quebec City in 1981 and most recently in Thessaloniki, Greece. Each symposium offers international forecasting experts as plenary and featured speakers; over 250 research presentations in areas such as new product forecasting, multivariate methods, international trade forecasting, judgmental methods, financial forecasting, demographic forecasting, and rule-based methods.
  • The Oracle, the IIF’s online newsletter is published throughout the year and includes short articles by practitioners and researchers, IIF news, brief software reviews, member news, and upcoming events.
  • Job Listings on our website is free of charge.
  • Listing as a consultant available for all members.
  • Member Communities are small working groups aiming to offer networking and career opportunities to forecasters sharing a common interest.
  • Guest Blogging ~ share your expertise with the forecasting community (content subject to approval).