The goal of the Forecasting Practitioner Section (FPS) is to create a forum for forecasting professionals to meet on a regular basis, discuss practitioner-specific topics, and foster collaboration between practitioners and researchers in forecasting and planning.


  • Engaging practitioners and researchers across relevant topics to discuss specific challenges that forecasting and planning professionals face on a daily basis.
  • Interacting and forging relationships by facilitating open dialog through panels, roundtables, webinars, and workshop sessions between practitioners and researchers.
  • Advancing the field of forecasting, through industry leading conferences, workshops, webinars, and practical application-oriented training.
  • We invite practitioners and researchers to meet decision-makers from companies across industries to network, establish new relationships, and drive new business partnerships through the ISF and IIF Practitioner Section events.

FPS Board of Directors

Chair: Elaine Deschamps, Washington State Caseload Forecast Council
Secretary: Stephan Kolassa, SAP Switzerland AG, Centre for Marketing Analytics and Forecasting at Lancaster University Management School, and Deputy Editor, Foresight
Vice-Chair of Conference Planning: Charles Chase, SAS Institute, Inc.
Vice-Chair of Social Media/Outreach: Mark Chockalingam, Valtitude
Chris Fry, Google, Inc.
Michael Gilliland, Editor-in-Chief, Foresight
Michele Trovero, SAS Institute, Inc.

Past events

ISF 2023 – Meet and Greet Reception
June 25, 2023 @ 5:30pm | The Forum Hotel, Charlottesville Virginia

Join us at ISF 2023 for our Forecasting Practitioner Meet-n-Greet! An excellent opportunity to meet colleagues, network and learn more about the practitioner section of the IIF. Learn more about the ISF program!

Future of Forecasting and the M6 Competition
November 6-7, 2023 | Harvard Club, New York USA

The conference will cover many critical and emerging aspects of forecasting, including the role of AI and large language models, forecasting for the new era and the changing role of the forecaster, how to best measure the performance of your forecasts, and the value of the results from forecasting competitions in practice. In particular, the findings of the M6 financial forecasting competition will be presented.