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Special Features

Tribute to Roy Batchelor This issue begins with a tribute to our august – and newly retired – colleague, Roy Batchelor. From his “Primer on Neural Networks” going back to the second issue of Foresight (2005), Roy has composed no fewer than 18 articles, reviews, and commentaries for this journal.

  1. Konfessions of a Kibitzer, by Roy Batchelor
  2. Batchelor Party, by Mike Gilliland and Len Tashman

Achieving Trust and Adoption

  1. The Demand Forecasting Project at Target: Improving Collaboration and Adoption by Mahdi R. Yousefi, Stacey Faulkenberg Larsen, Subramanian Iyer
    This article provides an update on the status of the Demand Forecasting Engine at Target, a system capable of efficiently generating more than one billion weekly forecasts required by different operations within the company.
  2. Making Forecasts More Trustworthy by Simon Spavound and Nikos Kourentzes
    • Commentary on “Making Forecasts More Trustworthy” by Paul Goodwin, Sinan Gönül, and Dilek Önkal


  1. Subsampling Seasonal Series – A Simple Approach to Forecasting Complex Patterns by Paul Goodwin
  2. Long-Term Projections of Food Production and Demand by Keith Wiebe, Timothy Sulser, and Nicola Cenacchi
  3. Book Review by Ira Sohn, Atlas of Forecasts: Modeling and Mapping Desirable Futures, by Katy Börner


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