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Special Feature

Representativeness: A New Criterion for Selecting Forecasts by Fotios Petropoulos and Enno Siemsen
Method selection rules have included information criteria (IC) metrics, which seek to balance accuracy and model complexity, and cross-validation (CV) techniques for measurement of how well a method forecasts data held out from model estimation. Their article is followed by a commentary on representativeness by Shari De Baets and Nigel Harvey.


  1. An Extension of Possibility Distributions in Fuzzy Forecasting by Stefan de Kok
    • More Thoughts on STR by Stephan Kolassa
  2. STR: A Flexible New Decomposition Method for Analyzing and Forecasting Complex Time Series by Paul Goodwin
    • Commentary: One-Number Forecast: How Will It Be Used? by Richard Herrin
  3. One-Number Forecasting: A Solution for Silo Behavior? by Simon Clarke
  4. The UFO Project (Usage of Forecasting in Organizations) Final Survey Results by Jim Hoover and Len Tashman

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