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Special Feature

Mitigating Unconscious Bias in Forecasting by Jonathon Karelse
The author led a team that surveyed global businesses to study the prevalence of unconscious biases and heuristics in the forecasting/demand-planning process. The survey engaged over 500 demand planners/forecasters and others from major multinationals like Heineken and Dell Technologies, as well as representation from smaller companies and individuals. The study created a series of personality questions and set of forecasting exercises to determine not only the prevalence of biases and heuristics, but their relation to personality types and their impact in forecasting. Paul Goodwin and Jeff Baker provide commentaries:

    1. The Case for Parsimonious Intervention by Paul Goodwin
    2. Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Supply-Chain Issues by Jeff Baker


  1. The Great Toilet Paper Buy: Lessons for the Supply Chain by Tonya Boone and Ram Ganeshan
  2. Combining Humans and Machines in an Emerging Form of Enterprise: The Humachine by Nada Sanders and John Wood.
    • Commentaries:
    • AI Is Here to Automate the Knowledge Worker by Niels van Hove
    • ML Must Be Used with Care by David Orrell
    • A Brief Historical Perspective on Integrating New Technology by Ken Fordyce
  3. Book Review by Ira Sohn
    The Data Detective: Ten Easy Rules to Make Sense of Statistics by Tim Harford
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