2019 Foresight Practitioner Conference Is Coming!

How will jobs and organizations be affected when machines of equal or superior intelligence amplify, supplement, and even substitute for forecaster and planner roles? Good question. That’s what the Foresight Practitioner Conference (FPC) aims to answer in November 2019.

As you probably guessed, the theme for this year’s conference is artificial intelligence (AI). Hosted by Len Tashman (Foresight Editor) and Mike Gilliland (Forecasting Marketing Manager at SAS), the FPC will bring together world-class experts to assess the emerging and longer-term future of AI’s impact on planning, forecasting, and employment. Go to the Program page to see the superb lineup of practitioners and scholars.

This conference, which will be held at the spectacular Rizzo Center in Chapel Hill, N.C., is geared toward forecasters and planners, managers in all areas of operations, marketing and finance, and teachers and researchers of the field. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers and network with peers. Additionally, ample session time will be devoted to Q&A.  As a bonus, those in attendance will also receive a complimentary copy of the new Foresight guidebook on AI.

Historically, the FPC has greatly benefitted from sponsorships. To that end, Foresight is actively seeking sponsors for the 2019 conference. Not only does sponsoring enhance the FPC (and cultivate forecasting), it gives businesses and organizations visibility, recognition, and credibility.

This dynamic and important conference is a must-attend for anyone wanting to gain insight into AI’s effects on forecasting and planning. For pricing and registration, go to the Registration page.

The Details

Theme: Artificial Intelligence: The Hype and the Promise for Forecasting and Planning

Dates: November 13-14, 2019

Location: Rizzo Center, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Lodging: Available at Rizzo Center & in Chapel Hill

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