IIF Sponsored Workshops

2017 Workshops:

23rd IIF Workshop: Predictive Analytics and Forecasting in Industry 4.0 – Research & applications
Munich, Germany, September 14-15, 2017

The International Institute of Forecasters (IIF) and the German Operations Research Society (GOR) will be jointly organizing a workshop on Predictive Analytics and Forecasting in Industry 4.0 – Research & applications. Keynotes talks and other presentations are aimed at developing and improving in predictive analytic forecasting, as well as practitioners’ strategies to tackle this issue. The workshop will be held at Siemens, Corporate Technology, Munich, Germany.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Business Analytics and business intelligence • Artificial Intelligence and Forecasting • Predictive analytics • Prescriptive analytics • Smart infrastructures, smart grid • Deep learning and deep neural networks • Time series forecasting – Machine learning • Smart and big data • Predictive maintenance • Internet of things • Inventory control

Ralph Grothmann, [email protected]
Mohsen Hamoudia [email protected]

22nd IIF Workshop: Predictive Energy Analytics in the Big Data World
Cairns, Australia, June 22-23, 2017

ISEA 2017 (International Symposium on Energy Analytics) aims at bringing forecasting experts and practitioners together to share experiences and best practices on a wide range of important business problems in the energy industry. Selected papers will be published in a special section of the International Journal of Forecasting.

Tao Hong, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA [email protected]
Pierre Pinson, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark [email protected]

21st IIF Workshop: Forecasting Issues in Developing Economies
Washington, DC, April 26-27, 2017

The International Institute of Forecasters, International Monetary Fund, American University and George Washington’s Research Program on Forecasting co-hosted this workshop on “Forecasting Issues in Developing Economies.” The topics included, forecasting poverty, climate change, GDP growth, inflation and uncertainty in economic forecasting.
Workshop Summary Report

20th IIF Workshop: Tools and Analytical Techniques in Forecasting with Massive Data in Real Time 
Microsoft Technology Center, Times Square, NY, USA, April 20-21, 2017

The 2-day meeting will allow industry and academia to discuss future directions for forecasting taking in account two current limiting aspects: increasing amounts of data that have to be analyzed increasingly faster. Please send comments to Claudio Antonini.
Workshop Summary Report

About the Workshops

The International Institute of Forecasters sponsors annual workshops, each of which focuses on a specific forecasting theme. The purpose of these workshops is to hold smaller, informal meetings where experts in a particular field of forecasting can discuss forecasting problems, research, and solutions. There is generally a nominal registration fee associated with attendance. Following the usual refereeing process, papers from the workshops can be included in a special issue of the International Journal of Forecasting. If you are interested in hosting a workshop:

  • Workshop Guidelines
  • Contact: , IIF Director

Past Workshops – click on any link to read the full report

2016 Lancaster, UK Supply Chain Forecasting for Operations
2016 Milan, Italy Forecasting New Products and Services
2015 Paris, France Advances in Time Series and Forecasting
2015 Santander, Spain Summer Forecasting Course
2015 Hong Kong Tourism Forecasting
2015 Paris, France ICT and Innovation Forecasting
2014 Bournemouth, UK Singular Spectrum Analysis
2014 London, United Kingdom Theory and Practice in ICT Forecasting
2014 Frankfurt, Germany Using big data for forecasting and statistics
2013 Melbourne, Australia Multivariate Time Series Modelling and Forecasting
2012 San Francisco, USA Predicting Rare Events: Evaluating Systemic and Idiosyncratic Risk
2011 Paris, France Forecasting the Business Cycle
2011 Verbier, Switzerland Flash Indicators
2009 Washington, DC Transportation Forecasters: Tools, Techniques and Information to Improve your Forecasts
2009 Lisbon, Portugal Predictability of Financial Markets
2007 Rio de Janiero, Brazil Risk, Volatility, and Forecasting in Energy and Financial Markets
2006 Leipzig, Germany Future of Forecasting | Click here to see photos.
2005 Salamanca, Spain Stochastic Demographic Forecasting
2003 Madrid, Spain Nonlinearities, Business Cycles and Forecasting
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