We are delighted to announce the winners of the two M-International Journal of Forecasting (IJF) paper awards for the special issue on the M4-competition (2020):

Best M paper award (US$4000 and an engraved plaque)
Kenneth C. Lichtendahl Jr. & Robert L. Winkler (2020) “Why do some combinations perform better than others?”, International Journal of Forecasting, 36(1), 142-149.

The nomination argued that the paper: “adds in the risk of a poor forecast into the criteria for ranking performance and shows how this affects the results.”

Outstanding M paper award (US$2000 and a certificate)
Rob J. Hyndman (2020) “A brief history of forecasting competitions”, International Journal of Forecasting, 36(1), 7-14.

The nomination of the paper included the following: “Rob provides an informative and engaging read, spiced up with some (now) humorous quotes from the original Makridakis & Hibon (1979) commentators at the Royal Statistical Society. But the paper is much more than just a documentation of competition history. It is peppered throughout with Rob’s commentary on the significance of the historical events, what was believed at the time and what we believe today, as well as his guidance on future competitions. […] Overall, the paper is a fast, entertaining read, and full of valuable insights.”

We would like to thank Spyros Makridakis and the Makridakis Open Forecasting Center (MOFC) for their generosity in establishing this award.

Join us in congratulating Casey, Bob and Rob!

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The M-IJF award committee: Spyros Makridakis, Pierre Pinson, Elaine Deschamps, Fotios Petropoulos, and Evangelos Spiliotis

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