The newest Foresight guidebook, Artificial Intelligence (AI), is now available. AI is the name commonly given to the capacity of machines for mimicking the human aptitude to reason, solve problems, and learn from experience. The impact of exponential advances in AI and robotics on future employment prospects is a huge concern with profound implications, and it will almost certainly disrupt forecasting roles. This Foresight guidebook examines how AI will affect organizations, jobs, forecasting, and planning.


Part One: Forecasting the Impact of Artificial Intelligence
  • The track record of earlier predictions of the digital revolution
  • Potential effects of AI on businesses, manufacturing, and commerce
  • Blockchain (BC) technology
  • Emerging and long-term future
Part Two: Deep Learning
  • Deep learning for forecasting
  • Current trends and challenges
Published: October 2019
Pages: 86, pdf format
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