The M4 Conference : Advances in Forecasting
10-11 December 2018
Tribeca Rooftop, New York City

Why Attend?

  • Accurate predictions and the correct assessment of the uncertainty surrounding them are indispensable for all types of future oriented decisions: from determining appropriate inventory and sales levels to buying/selling financial instruments.
  • The findings of the M4 Competition that just ended have provided a wealth of practical information for improving the accuracy of forecasts and the correct assessment of uncertainty based on a huge data base of 100,000 series covering six application domains (macro, micro, demographic, industry, financial and others) and six time frequencies (yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly). M4 Conference will elaborate on the findings of the M4, discuss their practical implications as well as how they can benefit business and other organizations in their effort to improve forecasting accuracy and correctly assess uncertainty.
  • The M4 Conference Program includes distinguished speakers from the major software/technology companies (Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Uber and SAS) as well as known academics from top-level universities. It features the presentation of the three most accurate methods of the M4 Competition personally by their developers who also discuss how their methods can be implemented by others, as their code is available free in GitHub.
  • Finally, Nassim Nicholas Taleb will deliver a keynote address discussing uncertainty in forecasting and Spyros Makridakis will present the major findings of the M4 Competition and discusses how organizations can benefit by such findings in order to improve the accuracy of their predictions and assess their uncertainty more realistically.

Register at the M4 website.

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