Join us in congratulating this year’s recipients of the International Symposium on Forecasting’s travel award!

Prateek Bansal, Cornell University
Leopoldo Catania University of Rome, Tor Vergata
Peng Jiang, University of New South Wales
Hyoyoung Kim, KAIST College of Business
Nikoletta Zampeta Legaki, National Technical University of Athens
Valerio Poti, University College Dublin
Muhammad Qamar Raza, The University of Queensland
Cameron Roach, Monash University
Amin Sadri, RMIT University
Oliver Schaer, Lancaster University
Paulo Simoes, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
Evangelos Spiliotis, National Technical University of Athens
Karol Szafranek, Warsaw School of Economics
Sarah Van der Auweraer, University KU Leuven
Bo Wang, University of Leicester

Feedback from the award winners on how the ISF has helped with their research:

“I was absolutely thrilled to receive the news that I was chosen for the travel award. The financial means provided by the IIF enabled me to attend the ISF conference, share professional experiences with new colleagues and exchange ideas. My working paper has benefited from the comments of the participants. I also have learned a lot from the presentations of other participants and discovered new, interesting fields of research.  The event was a truly memorable experience!”

“ISF 2017 was an excellent experience for me. There were several parallel sessions and I always could find a talk related to my work.”

“This was my fourth time attending ISF and it seems that the conference is getting better every year! A really fruitful experience offering inspiring presentations, great networking and helpful feedback. All this in a terrific place where rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef.”

“I received useful comments on my presentation, which will help in improving my research, and was able to establish corporate connection, for future research internships. The ISF was different because it provides a good balance between academics and practice. Attending ISF without IIF travel award was not possible for me. I am obliged to IIF for providing this wonderful opportunity.”

“I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to attend the ISF. I learned a lot in the workshop I attended, and I gained insights relevant to my own research in the different sessions. Moreover, I got to meet many interesting people during this event with whom I now have ongoing correspondence about future cooperation.”

“ISF 2017 was really a great event for meeting interesting people. Thanks for the travel award!”

“The 37th International Symposium on Forecasting offered me an opportunity to see interesting projects in distinct areas. The Conference is definitely a place where theoretical and practical aspects of forecasting complement each other.”

“The ISF 2017 was very well organised, and provided excellent opportunity to get to know the latest advances in the relevant research areas and the researchers and practitioners working in my area. The talks were interesting, especially the plenary talks. I would also like to thank the IIF for providing me the travel award.”

“Thanks to the generous support of IIF for young researchers, I was able to present my research to renowned experts in the field and received valuable feedback. I was also able to strengthen my network amongst fellow researchers. Last but not least, the conference sessions provided me with valuable inputs for my research and depicted future research directions.”

“The 37th International Symposium on Forecasting has been a great event for me. I had the opportunity to meet many outstanding researchers and practitioner. I believe the mixture between academia and industry has been one of the key ingredients, which contributed to the success of the conference. Last but not least, the social program in Cairns was amazing!”

* The International Institute of Forecasters (IIF) awards travel grants to enable individuals from all over the world to attend the International Symposium on Forecasting. They are primarily for students in the area of forecasting and secondarily for non-student forecasting researchers and practitioners.

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