Demand uncertainty is among the biggest forecasting challenges, causing companies to invest in new software and implement new methods that they may not really need.

Foresight’s new guidebook, Techniques for Forecasting Product and Temporal Hierarchies explores using data’s hierarchical characteristics to reduce supply chain uncertainty.  In addition to a comprehensive overview of the topics at hand by Editor Len Tashman, the guidebook includes:

  • Choosing Levels of Aggregation for Supply Chain Forecasts
  • Forecasting by Cross-Sectional Aggregation
  • The Application of Product-Group Seasonal Indexes to Individual Products
  • Forecasting Seasonal Time Series Using Aggregate and Analogous Series
  • Optimally Reconciling Forecasts in a Hierarchy
  • Resolving a Family Feud: Market-Facing versus Lean Manufacturing Families
  • Forecasting by Temporal Aggregation
  • Improving Forecasting via Multiple Temporal Aggregation

Use this guidebook to explore in-depth two forecasting approaches – cross-sectional and temporal aggregation – which will almost certainly help you reduce uncertainty.

Published: January 2015
Pages: 56, pdf format
Price:  $95 (50% discount for IIF members)
Available now in the Foresight Document Store

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