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Often an organization’s “forecaster” must grapple with many technical and organizational issues without the benefit of training in forecasting. The International Institute of Forecasters (IIF) offers a forecasting certification program with the goal of facilitating improved forecasting practices in organizations. We encourage university departments and individual trainers across the world to work with us to develop training programs embracing the best forecasting principles. The certification program brings benefits for both the individual forecaster and the company that employs certified experts:

  • Ensures that your business forecasting is state-of-the-art. The certification is awarded to experts who demonstrate good understanding and use of the forecasting process, methods and best practices.
  • By employing IIF certified forecasters this guarantees their level of knowledge and skills,simplifying the creation of a team of forecasting experts that can offer to your organisation a unique competitive advantage. 
  • The result is superior, transparent and credible forecasts that can improve decision making and operations company wide.

Successful program validation allow the course provider to award an IIF Certificate of Forecasting Practice upon successful completion. The IIF will assist with advertising and promoting programs to all providers offering the certificate program. For each person registering for a certificate, the certificate provider will pay a pre-determined fee to the IIF. Certificate holders will then be entitled to use the credential, IIF Certified Forecaster.

The IIF invites potential course providers to submit appropriate courses for evaluation. Although we are not prescribing a detailed syllabus for prospective courses, we will outline general topics that should be covered and provide guidance as to how to develop an application.

Guidelines, topics, and criteria for support (pdf)