Keynote and Featured Speakers | Practitioner Speakers

Keynote and Featured Speakers

kerrieKerrie Mengersen, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Professor of Statistics

Presentation: Looking forward, back and sideways: the many directions of Bayesian forecasting


Fotios Petropoulos, University of Bath, United Kingdom
Senior Lecturer in Management Science

Presentation: DIY forecasting: judgment, models and judgmental model selection


Pierre Pinson, Technical University of Denmark
Professor, Electrical Engineering

Presentation: Renewable energy forecasting: nonlinearity, dimensionality, and sharing aspects



brianseamanBrian Seaman, Walmart, USA
Director of Engineering – Forecasting Sciences

Presentation: Retail Sales Forecasting at Walmart



sherwoodStephen Sherwood, University of New South Wales, Australia
ARC Laureate Fellow
ARC Centre for Climate System Science
Director, Climate Change Research Centre

Presentation: How do we forecast climate?



Allan Timmermann, University of California, San Diego, USA
Atkinson/Epstein Endowed Chair
Professor of Finance
Co-Director, Master of Finance Program

Clive Granger Memorial Keynote Address
Presentation: Monitoring forecasting performance

Practitioner Speakers

Tim Januschowski, Machine Learning Scientist,
Amazon Development Center, Germany

Presentation: Forecasting Challenges at Amazon



Nikolay Laptev, Senior Scientist
Presentation: Forecasting the Demand of Uber Services




Brammert Ottens, Datascientist
Booking.com, Netherlands

Presentation: Forecasting for Customer Service in Booking.com



Floris Padt, SAP Lead Consultant at Group IT       Christoph Bergmeir, Monash University, Australia

Presentation: Optical retail clustering assisted Hierarchical forecasting

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