Keynote & Featured Speakers | Forecasting in Practice Speakers

Keynote & Featured Speakers

Greg Allenby, The Ohio State University, USA

Topic: Structuring Limited-Information Data for Marketing Forecasts

Todd Clark, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, USA

Topic: Time-Varying Volatility and Macroeconomic Forecasting

José Duato, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain

Topic: Speeding up the execution of numerical computations and simulations

Robert Fildes, Lancaster University, United Kingdom

Topic: Research in Practice

Edward Leamer, UCLA Anderson, USA – Arnold Zellner Memorial Keynote Address

Topic: Measures of Model Ambiguity for Autoregressive Forecasting

Henrik Madsen, Technical University of Denmark

Topic: State-of-the-art in Probabilistic Forecasting of Wind and Solar Power Generation

Adrian Raftery, University of Washington, USA – IJF Editor’s Invited Paper

Topic: Probabilistic Population Projections with Migration Uncertainty

Forecasting in Practice Speakers

Daniel Barrett, Director Global Demand Planning, LEGO, USA
Topic: Demand Planning: Lessons from LEGO 

Bram Desmet, Managing Director, Solventure, Belgium
Topic: Forecasting and Supply Chain Performance

Stephan Kolassa, Senior Research Expert, SAP AG, Switzerland
Topic: Benchmarking

Nikolaos Kourentzes, Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University, United Kingdom
Topic: Forecasting Temporal Hierarchies

Dilek Onkal, Professor Decision Sciences, Bilkent University, Turkey
Topic: Trust in Forecasting

Greg Parlier, US Army retired, Ajunct Research, Institute for Defense Analyses, USA
Topic: Demand Planning for Military Operations

Christian Schaefer, Professor Quantitative Management, BW Cooperative State University, Mannheim, Germany
Topic: Challenges in Strategic Pharmaceutical Forecasting

Eric Stellwagen, CEO and Cofounder, Business Forecast Systems, USA
Topic: Beyond Exponential Smoothing: How to Proceed when Extrapolation Doesn’t Work

Aris Syntetos, Professor Operational Research and Operations Management, Cardiff University, United Kingdom
Topic: Forecasting and Inventory Control: Mind the Gap