Travel Award Grant

The International Institute of Forecasters (IIF) will grant travel awards to enable individuals from all over the world to attend the International Symposium on Forecasting. These awards are intended to supplement other sources of funding and do not typically cover all expenses. They are primarily for students in the area of forecasting and secondarily for non-student forecasting researchers and practitioners.

Criteria for acceptance include the quality of the submission, how helpful attending the conference might be to the applicant’s research agenda, and whether or not the paper might be publishable in the International Journal of Forecasting.

The deadline for applications was 28 February 2017. Applications will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the president of the IIF. Notification will take place approximately four to six weeks after the deadline date. If you have any questions regarding the awards, please contact .

Your application must include the following four items:

  • A copy of the full paper you intend to present at the ISF 2017
  • A brief comment on your research agenda and how attendance at the conference would be beneficial
  • A proposed budget showing your anticipated expenses for attending ISF 2017 and other sources and amounts of financial support you expect to receive.
  • For students, a formal proof of your status and a letter of support from your advisor.

Please note, all applicants MUST also submit an abstract of their paper for review and approval by the ISF 2017 Program Committee.

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