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Payment Options

  1. Credit Cards: For credit card payment, proceed to the registration web page. If you have any problems with the transaction, contact 
  2. Wire transfer:
    1. Go to the ISF registration site, complete the Personal Information section, select the registration type “Already registered?” and submit the form. You will then be directed to contact for specifics on payment.
    2. A USD 20.00 fee will be assessed for each bank transfer.
    3. Payments must be received 2 weeks prior to the symposium.
    4. When processing the bank transfer through your organization, please include the name of the symposium participant in all documentation.


  1. Letter of Invitation: If you require a letter from the ISF Organizing Committee for your visa application, please send the following information to . This invitation implies no obligation, financial or otherwise, by the ISF 2017 Organizing Committee.
    1. Your FULL NAME – This should be exactly as it appears on your visa application
    2. Postal Address
    3. The title of your abstract and relevant ID code
    4. Any other detail that you may require (VAT, University identification code, passport number, etc.)
  2. Letter of Attendance: Official letters of attendance will be available at the symposium.
  3. Travel Documents: If you have any travel or university specific document request, please contact us directly. You are responsible for any required visa documents.
Please note that all documents and letters will be sent via email.  If you require expedited shipping, you will be charged for the related expense(s).

Program and Schedule

The symposium begins on a Sunday with full- and 1/2- day workshops and a Welcome Reception in the early evening. The sessions and keynote talks begin Monday morning and run through Wednesday afternoon, ending at approximately 4:30pm. Schedules are subject to change.

The Program Schedule will be available within 2-3 weeks after the Early Registration deadline date. The Program and any updates, will be posted at our website

Chairing a Session? Need help? The Program Committee will assign a participant from each session to act as the Session Chair.  The main role as Chair is to ensure a smooth running session and that participants adhere to their allotted time (usually 15-20 minutes).  For more information on chairing a session visit the guideline document.

General Information

Dress Code: The dress code during the conference is business casual, although jeans and casual footwear are perfectly fine.  For the gala event, we do ask for business casual and/or semi-formal, depending on the location.

Copyright: If you plan on submitting your paper or presentation to the conference proceedings, please ensure that you have the necessary rights to publish the contents. Note that you do not automatically have the right to publish photographs or pictures used in promoting the ISF.

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