Every two years, the International Journal of Forecasting (IJF) awards a prize to the best paper on energy forecasting. The prize is generously funded by Professor Tao Hong. It consists of US$1000 as well as an engraved plaque. In 2022, the prize was to be awarded to a paper published in the IJF during the period 2019-2020. The award committee was composed of James Mitchell (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland – Associate Editor for the IJF), Rob J. Hyndman (Monash University – Associate Editor for the IJF) and Pierre Pinson (Editor-in-Chief for the IJF).

For more information on this award, forecasters.org/tao-hong-award

4th IIF – Tao Hong Award given to Peru Muniain and Florian Ziel

2020 paper Probabilistic forecasting in day-ahead electricity markets: Simulating peak and off-peak prices which appeared in issue no. 4, volume 36 of the International Journal of Forecasting. 

Both the nominations and the award committee underlined the qualities of the work and of its presentation in the paper. It is one of the first papers to invest in multivariate probabilistic forecast verification within electricity price forecasting, hence helping to bridge the gap between latest advances in multivariate probabilistic forecasting and verification, and real-world application. The award was given to Florian Ziel at the occasion of the ISF 2022 in Oxford, UK.

In addition, two outstanding paper awards (with an engraved plaque, but no prize money) were given to the paper from Bartosz Uniejewski and colleagues, titled Understanding intraday electricity markets: Variable selection and very short-term price forecasting using LASSO (International Journal of Forecasting, vol. 35, no. 4), and to that of Jorge Ángel González Ordiano and colleagues, titled Probabilistic energy forecasting using the nearest neighbors quantile filter and quantile regression (International Journal of Forecasting, vol. 36, no. 2).

Congratulations to the award winners. We hope that this work will inspire many others to invest in new aspects of energy forecasting, from methods to applications!

The International Journal of Forecasting is proud of the works being published in the journal with focus on energy applications, and hope that these awards will encourage further high-quality work in this area.

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