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Demand Works and Starkey Hearing Technologies Release Case Study …

Here’s a brief but very interesting case study that’s worth a look, brought to us from our partner, Demand Works. The study summarizes several phases of a comprehensive S&OP and inventory optimization rollout at a global electronics manufacturer. It also provides a review of their achievements, including the development of a more agile planning approach to help them ride out the COVID pandemic.


When Minnesota-based Starkey Hearing Technologies decided to implement a sales and operations planning solution in the summer of 2018, they couldn’t have known that a global pandemic would ravage the economy and shake consumer demand only two years later. Without knowledge of the challenges that loomed in the horizon, they were nonetheless committed to improving customer fulfillment rates and inventory turnover.

To read the case study, click here

For more information on the case study or Demand Works, contact [email protected]

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