Asian Development Bank

Position: Macro-Economist, consultant
Location: work from anywhere
Salary range: Up to USD 34,000 (output-based and partial lump sum salary)

The objective of this consultancy is to explore the issue of what drives exports and imports in Armenia, in particular during crisis periods, such as the current COVID-19 crisis. Fluctuations in net exports will represent a substantial component of output growth volatility in Armenia in 2020 and beyond, and changes in the trade balance are closely monitored by policymakers. More specifically, the consultant will write a paper that estimates short-run and long-run elasticities of trade flows in Armenia using a complementary set of time series econometrics techniques, extended to sectoral and country specific export and import demand functions. Amid the intensification of the COVID-19 crisis and the expected contraction of international trade flows, the assignment aims to identify what are the determinants of Armenia’s trade flows at aggregate and product-level for selected industries. The consultant will closely collaborate with the Ministry of Economy of Armenia.

Application deadline: 12 July 2020

To learn more and to apply:
Open to nationals of ADB member countries
Only applications received via the website of ADB’s Consultant Management System will be considered.

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