Asian Development Bank

Position: Applied Macro-Econometrician / Forecaster, consultant
Location: work from anywhere
Salary range: Up to USD 45,500 (output-based and partial lump sum salary)

Armenia’s national statistical office releases quarterly GDP data with a 50-days delay, while policymakers, the private sector and other market participants need real-time monitoring of macroeconomic conditions and the state of the economy. The scope of data collection has increasingly
grown, and the quality of data has considerably improved in Armenia, allowing the use of new methodologies in time series econometrics and construction of automated platforms for monitoring macroeconomic conditions in real time. In particular, during sudden shocks to the economy, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, macroeconomic conditions can evolve rapidly, requiring constant monitoring of the
high-frequency evolution of the economy in real time to devise appropriate policy responses.

This project aims to develop a state of the art nowcasting model for the Armenian economy and similar economies which is implemented on a platform for the real-time tracking of relevant variables and can be used for policy on a regular basis. It will obtain timely updates of estimates of the current state of the Armenian economy and comparator countries by exploiting information from newly released data.

The consultant will work closely with the Central Bank of Armenia.

Application deadline: 14 July 2020

To learn more and to apply:
Open to nationals of ADB member countries
Only applications received via the website of ADB’s Consultant Management System

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