The Democratising Forecasting workshop initiative, with support from the IIF, is expanding and will deliver four forecasting workshops per year for the National Health Service (NHS), United Kingdom, in collaboration with NHS-R community.

Why forecasting for NHS

Ensuring life-saving services are delivered to those who need them require far more than money, infrastructure and scientific progress. Accurate modelling and forecasting systems can assist critical decisions that drive policy making, funding, research, and development in the NHS. Decision makers are making decisions every day with or without forecasts. However, they are more robust and well-informed in the light of what could happen in the future, and that is where forecasting becomes crucial. However, implementing forecasting principles to support decision-making process requires significant technical expertise. To that end, we aim to organize a two-day workshop on forecasting to teach participants how to apply principles of accurate forecasting using real data in healthcare.

We are offering four workshops in 2020:

• Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th February 2020
• Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th May 2020
• Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th September 2020
• Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th October 2020

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Workshop instructor

Dr. Bahman Rostami-Tabar is the main instructor for the workshops. Colleagues from other Universities in the UK might join him occasionally. Bahman is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in management science at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, UK. He is interested in the use and the Implication of forecasting in social good areas such as health and humanitarian. He has been involved in various forecasting related projects with NHS Wales, Welsh Ambulance Service Trust and the International Committee of the Red Cross. He is currently working on projects that focus on developing innovative forecasting methodologies and their links to decision making in health and humanitarian operations.

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