Every two years the International Journal of Forecasting editors select the “best” paper to have been published in the IJF within the previous two-year period. The Best Paper Award consists of US$1000 and an engraved plaque.

At the recent International Symposium on Forecasting in Cairns, Australia, Rob Hyndman, IJF Editor, announced the awards for the best paper published in the International Journal of Forecasting in the period 2014–2015.

The best paper award goes to Nikos KourentzesFotios Petropoulos and Juan Trapero for their 2014 paper on forecasting across multiple frequencies. The nomination of the paper included the following citation.

The full report on the IJF Best Paper Award, check out Rob Hyndman’s blog, Hyndsight.

(l-r) N. Kourentzes, F. Petropoulos, R. Hyndman

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