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The International Symposium on Forecasting is a little unusual for an academic conference in that it has always had a strong presence of forecasters working in business and industry, as well as academic forecasters mostly working at universities. We value the combination and interaction as it helps the academics understand the sorts of problems facing forecasters in practice, and it helps practitioners stay abreast of new methods and developments coming out of forecasting research.

For the next ISF to be held in Cairns, Australia, in June 2017, we have a great line-up of forecast practitioners discussing some of their forecasting challenges (and solutions). These speakers and their topics are listed below.

Brian Seaman, Walmart, USA
Tim Januschowski, Amazon Development Center, Germany.
Nikolay Laptev, Uber, USA.
Brammert Ottens, Booking.com, Netherlands
Floris Padt, GrandVision, Netherlands.

For more information about ISF 2017, please go to https://isf.forecasters.org.

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