Fighting Worst Practices With Forecasting Automation and FVA (Forecast Value Added)

So-called “best practices” in forecasting are available from many sources – some reputable, and some not so much. But what distinguishes a best practice from one that is merely good, or more importantly, from ones that are harmful? How would we ever know? In order to evaluate and improve its forecasting process, Moen used forecast value added analysis. FVA allows companies to identify practices that improve forecast accuracy – and those that make it worse – and is available to use at no cost. This webinar shows you how to conduct FVA analysis, and illustrates some of the good and bad practices you may discover at your own company.
Michael Gilliland, Product Marketing Manager – Forecasting, SAS
Erin Marchant, Lead Data & Systems Management Analyst, Moen Inc.

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This webinar is a result of the recent Foresight Conference, Worst Practices in Forecasting: Today’s Mistakes to Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs. To read the conference presentations, visit the conference website.

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