Demand Forecasting & Inventory Planning for Manufacturers & Distributors

APICS Puget Sound Professional Development Meeting October 6, 2016, 5:30 PM
Coast Bellevue Hotel, Bellevue, Washington USA

These two closely-related subjects contain the solutions to many expensive problems encountered by manufacturers and distributors—problems that executives, managers, and practitioners often believe have no solution. Forecasting and inventory planning are a science, not an art, and a little knowledge of this science can pay big dividends in terms of improved service and reduced inventory and expediting. Without this knowledge, executives and managers cannot hope to guide their people to achieve superior results. The good news is: one does not need to be a statistician or an engineer to understand the general principles of this science. This presentation provides an overview of the Demand Forecasting & Inventory Planning concepts and relationships, linking them to typical operational problems and solution alternatives. For questions, contact IIF Member, John Estep


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