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IMA Journal of Management Mathematics

Edited by Professor Aris Syntetos, and compiled of seven highly cited articles covering forecasting research, explore the new virtual issue ‘Forecasting in Management Science’. The first in a series of virtual issues to be published by the IMA Journal of Management Mathematics, this issue aims to stimulate dialogue between specialist forecasting researchers and more generalist management science researchers.

All articles are freely downloadable until June 2016.

On the effect of non-optimal forecasting methods on supply chain downstream demand
M. M. Ali and J. E. Boylan

New forecasting insights on the bullwhip effect in a supply chain
M. Najafi and R. Zanjirani Farahani

Adjusting supply chain forecasts for short-term temperature estimates: a case study in a Brewing company
K. Nikolopoulos and R. Fildes

A systemic view of the ADIDA framework
G. P. Spithourakis, F. Petropoulos, K. Nikolopoulos, and V. Assimakopoulos

The use of analogies in forecasting the annual sales of new electronics products
P. Goodwin, K. Dyussekeneva, and S. Meeran

Forecasting for capacity management in call centres: combining methods, organization, people and technology
N. Saccani

Fathoming the theta method for a unit root process
D. Thomakos and K. Nikolopoulos

The IMA Journal of Management Mathematics (IMAMAN), publishes mathematical or, more broadly, quantitative research of the highest quality, impact and relevance that can be directly utilized or have demonstrable potential to be employed by managers in profit, not-for-profit, third party and governmental/public organizations to improve their practices.


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