Conferences & Happenings

The 20th Federal Forecasters Conference

Date: 24 April 2014
Location: Washington, DC, USA

The conference theme is “The Roles of Government Forecasts.” Government forecasts are critical to assessing the future needs of the nation. These forecasts are used by those in the public and private sectors for planning and decision-making in a variety of areas. For example, policy makers use forecasts to create laws, direct resources and establish budgets. Individuals use forecasts of salary and employment trends to make career decisions. Government agencies are also consumers, labor force projections are based on government-produced projections of the population. At FFC/20, presenters from a variety of agencies will share their experience in developing and using forecasts.

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Contact: Jeff Busse, , tel: (703) 648-4914

Business Forecasting: Techniques, Best Practices & Application Using Forecast Pro

Date: 7-9 May 2014
Location: Boston, MA | USA

A comprehensive thee-day seminar Business Forecasting: Techniques, Best Practices & Application Using Forecast Pro. The course surveys various forecasting methods, explains how they work conceptually, their pros and cons, and best practices for implementing them in a real-world environment. Mark your calendar and register now to take advantage of the early bird discount.

9th International Statistics Day Symposium

Date: 10-14 May 2014
Location: Antalya, Turkey

The organizers of the symposium aim to bring together academic, public and private sector statisticians and related experts from various fields. The ISDS’2014 provides an opportunity for the national statisticians to attend scientific meeting focusing on their own interest. At the same time, they can observe new research results in other statistical fields that may have unanticipated applications in their own specializations.

All papers submitted to the symposium will undergo a review process for either oral or poster presentation. A selected number of papers or posters will be published in Selçuk Journal ofApplied Mathematics, Journal of The Turkish Statistical Association, or Journal of Selcuk University Natural and Applied Science, which are international journals publishing full-length original research papers containing new and significant research.

Forecasting Financial Markets and Economic Decision-Making (FindEcon’2014)

Date: 15 – 16 May 2014
Location: Lodz, Poland

FindEcon is an international meeting organized annually (from 2012 bi-annually).  The conference is organized by the Department of Econometrics of the Institute of Econometrics, University of Lodz.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Micro- and macroeconomic modelling
  • Modelling and forecasting in data-rich environment
  • Business cycle analysis and forecasting
  • Modelling and forecasting financial markets
  • Macroprudential policy, stress testing and economic policy
  • Operational research, game theory and optimal control as tools of economic decisions making
  • Monetary, fiscal, trade policies and economic growth
  • Pricing and valuation of capital and portfolio selection
  • Advances in financial econometrics and statistics

For more information and to submit an application, visit  The closing date for applications as well as for abstract submission is 1 March 2014. Notification of acceptance is 3 weeks after submission.

The deadline for the Conference fee payment is 1 April 2014.

2014 Foresight Practitioner Conference

Date: 8-9 October 2014
Location: The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, Columbus, USA

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