Conferences & Happenings

FORMAT: Forecast and Roadmapping for Manufacturing Technologies
Date: 14-15 May 2015
Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Meccanica | Milan, Italy

Format is a project coordinated by Politecnico di Milano and with Whirlpool as the main industrial partner. Among the other partners, is a European network of consulting companies, PNO. According to the funding scheme of the Marie Curie project on Technology Forecasting, researchers from academia spend some months in industry and vice versa.  For a preliminary agenda for the conference, click here.

22nd Forecasting Financial Markets
Date: 20-22 May 2015
Location: Rennes, France
For more information, contact Jason Laws,

Forecasting Financial Markets is an International Conference on Quantitative Finance which has been held in May/June every year since 1994. Since its inception, the Conference has grown in scope and stature to become a key international meeting point for those interested in Quantitative Finance, with the participation of quantitative market professionals and of prestigious academic and research institutions from all over the world including major central banks and quantitative fund managers.