Opportunities for Collaboration

IIF Collaboration Policy

The International Institute of Forecasters (IIF) seeks to stimulate the creation, distribution, and application of knowledge on forecasting. In furtherance of these objectives, the IIF (1) encourages its individual members to speak at forecasting events and (2) engages in joint ventures with other organizations.

New Collaboration!

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IIF Speakers at Forecasting Events

IIF members are encouraged to speak at forecasting events, including those sponsored by commercial organizations. For assistance in locating a qualified IIF speaker, please contact the . (additional contact info)

Joint Ventures with the IIF

The IIF will consider joint ventures with other organizations, both commercial (for-profit) and non-commercial (not-for-profit), insofar as such collaborations are in accordance with IIF objectives. The collaboration may occur in organizing, publicizing, and/or implementing the forecasting event.

For the IIF to consider a joint venture, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The objectives and working practices of the potential collaborator must not be in conflict with IIF objectives.
  2. The event must be open to anyone to attend (e.g., not exclusively to the collaborator’s client base).
  3. The IIF must be given a major role in shaping the track(s) that it organizes.
  4. Within the agreed objectives of the collaborative venture, the IIF must be the final arbiter of the session topics that IIF is responsible for organizing.

Proposals for Joint Ventures

The IIF will consider proposals submitted for joint ventures at its annual Board meeting. In the event that there are more proposals than can be supported by the IIF, and where proposals are of similar quality, the issue of equity across countries, organizations, and methodologies will be taken into account.

The IIF reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal at its sole discretion.

Grants for IIF Speakers at Forecasting Events

Subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, the IIF may defray a portion of the travel expenses of IIF speakers. IIF members, speaking at forecasting events other than joint ventures with IIF, may apply to the Board for travel grants. For IIF participants in joint ventures, the Board will determine the extent of the participant’s travel subsidy when the joint venture is approved.

Recognition of IIF in Joint Ventures

The IIF Board of Directors may choose to request recognition of IIF contributions to a forecasting event. Recognition may include publicity for IIF in the conference program, distribution of IIF materials at a conference booth, reimbursements for the costs of IIF travel grants, honoraria to IIF speakers and other forms not specifically mentioned here. In general, joint events are expected to fully cover their costs to the IIF except where there is an explicit educational or out-reach objective set for the joint venture.